It’s not just cliché to say any organization is only as good as it’s people and no one knows this better than today’s leaders in business who are on the front lines of today’s war for talent on both the hiring and retention side of the trenches.

As a leader in your organization nothing matters more to your short-term success, long-term goal achievement, quality of professional life, and your ability to grow than the people you hire.

No one understands this better and care more than you besides us.

Anyone can identify the top performers in any market, but it takes more than that to get them to the table.  There’s nuance and skill required to tell your story the right way – and – it takes experience, track record of follow through, market intelligence, and industry knowledge to earn their trust and know when the timing & opportunity might be right for them.

There are multiple ways to partner with InstantClout and tap into our vast network & industry expertise. No matter which option you chose we execute it with the same high level of vigor, care and integrity that you would expect from any truly elite organization:

  1. Contingency Search:  Zero risk option where we win when you win.  You can meet and speak with our referrals as many times as you like with no obligation – we only accept payment once they’re hired.
  2. Retained Search: In exchange for additional resources & considerations we accept a portion of the fee at the beginning of the engagement which counts towards the total cost upon the completion of the search.
  3. Custom/Exclusive: A custom plan is formulated and designed to meet your specific needs which could include various levels of engagement from lists, guarantees on number of qualified candidates provided, relocation from other markets, and more.